Bronx boy with autism gets locator device

By JOHN HUDDY, Fox 5 News Reporter

Ross Harrison, who has autism, was found cold, hungry and tired last week. Now Fox 5, with the help of Dr. Manny Alvarez, is making sure Ross doesn’t get lost again.

We came to see Ross and his family Wednesday night, and this time we came bearing a gift.

It’s called the EmSeeQ locator band. It looks like a watch but it does much more than tell time: it uses cell phone type technology to help locate a person. Hopefully this will keep 13-year-old Ross from getting lost again.

Last week Ross spent almost three days riding the subway after getting lost in the city. He was found early friday morning miles from his Bronx home.

The locator is made by a company called EmFinders.

Our medical expert, Dr. Manny Alvarez, was so touched by Ross’s story, he contacted the company after Ross was found last week. Dr. Manny’s own son has autistism.

The CEO of EmFinders gave Ross the free locator band and his family a year’s worth of free service. That’s a value of close to a thousand bucks.

But of course, the human value and peace of mind is worth much more.

And it looks pretty cool too.

Source: myfoxny.com

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