Brian Downing, ‘Alabama Teabagger’ Who Rubbed Genitals On LSU Fan’s Face, Pleads Guilty To Obscenity

Brian Downing, a University of Alabama football fan dubbed the “Alabama Teabagger,” has pleaded guilty to obscenity charges, the Times-Picayune reports.

In January 2011, Downing was arrested on charges of sexual battery and obscenityafter he was filmed rubbing his genitals against a drunken LSU fan after the BCS championship game. He was later released on bond.

On Tuesday, Downing pleaded guilty to two obscenity charges.

The Associated Press writes:

Prosecutors reached a plea deal with [Downing] on the morning he was scheduled to be tried on charges that included sexual battery, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Prosecutors agreed to drop the battery charge.Downing is scheduled to be formally sentenced on Nov. 29, but Orleans Parish Criminal District Judge Karen Herman indicated she will sentence Downing to two years in prison and recommend his participation in a boot camp program run by prison officials. Downing will not be required to register as a sex offender.


According to reports, Downing — who has a 1-year-old son — may be eligible to serve less than half of his two-year sentence. Downing’s lawyer said his client will likely serve a minimum of nine months.

The unconscious LSU fan reportedly sued Downing in May, asking damages for “mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety and depression…damage to reputation and lost tuition payments for having to withdraw from school.”

“When you put your genitals on someone’s body, someone who is passed out, that’s not a prank,” Christopher Bowman, spokesman for District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro told the Associated Press. “I don’t think people would be asking that question if the defendant had done it to a passed-out woman.”

As the Washington Post notes, Downing’s plea comes just a day after fellow Alabama fan Harvey Updykewas scheduled to go on trial for allegedly poisoning Auburn University’s landmark oak trees in a fit of football rivalry.


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